Sunday, February 21, 2016

My PLN and PLE about CLIL.

To create my Personal Learning Network (PLN) and Personal Learning Environment (PLE) mind map, I´ve only used my creativity and imagination! Of course I know that there are lots of very good tools to create a mind map, such as Coggle, Easelly and Mindmomo, but I prefer to do it this way.

I think "mind map" is a good idea to link ICT with Arts, don´t you think so? While I was doing it, an idea came up to my mind. This activity could be very useful with sixth graders because they start to use social networks and lots of websites and teachers can realised the web tools that their students are using. ICT should be develop in primary education and teachers can take advantages of the previous knowledge of their students. We can also learn about new tools from our students!

About my PLN and PLE, the first time I heard about CLIL was the last year of my degree in Autonomous University. I studied some concepts and authors about CLIL and the origins about it.

Now, I´m studying about CLIL in a more deeply way in my master at URJC in several subjects. I´m also getting ready to TKT exam of Cambridge.

As you can see, there are so many programmes that are part of my PLE and PLN. The most important ones for meare Twitter, Facebook, Google docs, Gmail and Whatsapp. Twitter because I use it everyday to share my knowledge and also to look for information and opinions about CLIL. ( the hastagg #ictclil_urjc , on Twitter,  is my principal source of information). With Facebook I can post new ideas or articles that I find on the Internet. Furthermore, with Gmail, Whatsapp or Google docs, I´m able to share opinions about Clil with my peers.

Sharing and Exchanging opinions are one of the most important tools concerning learning!

I hope you enjoy my work!

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