Saturday, February 27, 2016

Open CLIL bank of common knowledge

Hello everybody!!!

Here it is the link to our bank of common knowledge, you are welcome to visit it!

Exchanging and sharing with the others we can achieve big things, Have a look at this Blog and you will find lots of arguments to share your work.

These are the 6 pages that I posted with a brief description:

1. Learning tools for kids on IPAD (iGameMon) 

Replace books by new techonologies! Perfect learning tools to work on problem solving and critical thinking skills.

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2. The Water cycle (Have fun teaching) They have many useful resources

A really nice video about "the water cycle"

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3. The flavours 

Is it salty? Is it bitter?

The main advantage of using real objects (in this case food) into the classroom is to make the learning experience more memorable for the kids. Meaningful learning=CLIL

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4. DNA with sweets

Model Making as a perfect CLIL learning tool to link Arts and Science. The DNA from sweets and later... have a delicious snack with your students!

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5. Coge lo que necesites. By: Manuel Velasco.

A very nice blog to work on CLIL (science classes), TIC and more.

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6.  The best and free Interactive Whiteboards resources. 

 By TopMarks.

CLIL+TICS, It is the future! In this webpage you can find lots of free Interactive Whiteboard resources.

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I hope you like my resources and remember....SHARE YOUR WORK!

Knowledge sharing is the learning!

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