Saturday, March 19, 2016

CLIL eProject Prototype

Hello everybody!
I would like to show you how I did my CLIL e-project. I have done this project using Adobe Premiere, Genially and Youtube. 

In my last challenge I used Genially too and now I used it again because I think it is one of the most amazing tools to create presentations. Don´t think I´ve took the easiest road without trying to use another program because in order for me to edit the whole video I´d used Adobe Premiere, which is very complicated!!
 I have used Adobe Premiere too because is a fantastic tool to organize your ideas (pictures, videos and so on) and put them together in order to create a nice product. The drawbacks of Adobe Premiere is that you need to spend too much time (if it is the first time you use it) because It is a bit complicate program (when you want to add music or add a video) but when you are familiar with this tool, the result is incredible! Finally I uploaded in Youtube. 
In addition, one thing I would like to clarify is when I said in my work: “Students are going to use some online tools to create their presentations”, teachers can take advantages of students ‘knowledge related to ICT and they can show as more different programs that maybe they use in their daily lives. Moreover, they need to know that also teachers learn everyday new things!
Here you have the link to see my e-project in more details.
What I like most of these challenges is when all my peers of my master give each other feedback of our works in order to improve these works. To evaluate our projects we need to take into account some aspects such as: evaluation criteria, learning goals, methodology, ICT tools, and language content. It is a good opportunity to have more opinions and points of view of our projects. Moreover, we can change or add new things in order to improve and create effective works!

Here it is the video for my CLIL e-project.

 I'm looking forward to hearing you and of course.... I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!!!

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