Thursday, March 17, 2016

Evaluating CLIL eproject

Hello everybody!!

Here it is the link of the blog that I used to do my evaluation of one CLIL eproject.
The first step to fulfill the challenge was to look at some blogs and choose one of them. I chose this blog because I love Art and when I saw the blog I really fell in love with it!
Doing this evaluation of one CLIL eproject I realize that it is very useful for me to think about good things I would like to include in my own blog.

I used Genially to do it because I think it is a great website to make attractive and very visual presentations easily. Moreover, it is free!

To finish, we can include this activity with children because when they evaluate others peers ´blogs they are going to understand how a good blog is and how to create a great one!

Here you can see a presentation I did for to evaluate the connected painters´blog.
I hope you like it and I´m looking forward to hearing your feedback... always positive feedback! smile

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