Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our delicious chocotalk

Have you ever heard about CHOCOTALKS?


CHOCOCHARLAS or CHOCOTALKS is a collaborative project in which any person related with Education and also the society in general can participate with the only requirement of eating chocolate during the project you want to share, and this is exactly what we did last April 7th.

We divided the challenge by some roles: Teresa  and I were the disseminators,  Guillermo was the speaker, and Laura, María and Marina were the content curators. 

Our talk was about CLIL so, by teams, we had to prepare the topic we wanted to try and select a speaker, who is a person from each group to speak as representative of all during the choco-talk. 

First, we shared a document in Google docs, and we prepared and selected all the information about CLIL to be used in the chocotalk.

 During the talk, Teresa and I tweeted a lot of relevant information about our work and others´works. We also created surveys to know the opinion of people about the topics that were being spoken in the choco-talk.

Once the talk came to an end, Marina, María and Laura had to cure all information which was treated during the talk in order to create a Storify summarizing the content. Here you can see the work our community managers did during the live event. To show you their work we used a tool called Storify, it is an online tool really easy to use where you can "make the web tell a story". It is really easy to use, you just have to search the hastags, or users of a certain social network (Twitter for example) and drag the information you want to the template where all of what you select will be gathered. When you have added all that you want to show on your storify, with just one click the tool puts them in order for you, and that’s all you have created your storify.

For all of these, I need to give credit of our success to all my peers, to chococharlas and of course to our ICT teacher María Jesús García , for its constant help and availability and of course since without its help, it might not have carried out this amazing project.

Chococharlas gave us an award:

Just in case you missed our chocotalk, you can see it here:

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