Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our collaborative slideshow

Hello readers!

In my new post you are going to learn how to use Aurasma,

So, What do we need to do?

For this challenge we have been working with Google Slides, which none of us had used before, so we wanted to try it and learn how to use it.

Google Slides offers almost the same options as Power Point and it is similar to use, so it has been easy to learn how it works. You can add pictures, videos, links, animations and so on. In our example, we have added pictures, a Youtube video and several links, apart from using different text types.

We have used this web tool to explain learners how to use Aurasma, which can be very easy if they follow the basic steps that we have explained in our presentation. In every step we have added screenshots of the Aurasma webpage so it is easier for them to follow the steps.

We think that Aurasma is a great tool for us and also for students to learn more about Augmented Reality and to use it for learning content in an engaging and motivating way, so we really recommend you to try it in the future.

We hope that you like our presentation. You can watch it here:

Moreover, we had the pleasure to participate in a collaborative project, we sent our work and they published it in their blog.

They also gave us an award:

Thanks for reading.

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