Saturday, April 23, 2016

What type of reader are you?

Hello readers!

Today it is the 23th of April, THE WORLD BOOKS DAY! 

In this post I would like to show you my contribution about world books day. I need to say that all days for me are good days for reading, if you are the ones that read for pleasure like me, you understand what I mean. No matter how much stress you have at your work, in your relationships,or other issues faced in daily life, it all just go away when you lose yourself in a great story.

First I need to decided what book is more suitable to recommend you in this challenge. I had many choices but finally I decided to use MEMORIAS DE IDHUN, and now you maybe have this question on your minds: why this book? the reason is very clear: thanks to this book, reading books is one of my favourite hobbies. 

This story is the most amazing fantasy novel I´ve ever read. The author, Laura Gallego, is an amazing writer that wrote lots of fantastic novels such as: Cronicas de la Torre, Dos velas para el diablo, La emperatriz de los etéreos, and so on. Memorias de Idhun is my favourite one.

For this challenge I used Piktochart and Aurasma. 

Piktochart it is a good webtool which contains lots of free templates to design a good infographic. Moreover, I used it because it is accessible to students and teachers can work on it at school.

Aurasma is a great tool for us and also for students to learn more about Augmented Reality and to use it for learning content in an engaging and motivating way, so I really recommend you to try it in the future.

Maybe some of you will most probably not know what Aurasma is and how to use it, that's why I show you how to use Aurasma with this presentation.

In order to see my work you need to follow, step by step, the followings indications:

1. Download Aurasma App in your mobile phone.

2. Follow my channel called "SaritaSar0.

3. Once you open the Aurasma App from the phone you will have to point to the trigger images with the mobile camera.

4. The App will scan the picture and you you will enjoy the animations.

Teachers, parents and so on, please, USE AURASMA with your children. If you can see our faces when we see our challenges, imagine the face of our children, they are going to love it! definitely!! Moreover, they are going to love you too :)

We also send our contribution to  A wall of books, the social collaborative board to celebrate World Book Day on Pinterest. Here you can see my peer´s fantastic contributions and my work, of course.

I hope you enjoy my work, thanks a bunch for reading.

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