Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This is not goodbye, it's just until we meet again!!

It is not time to say goodbye!!  It is time to say:  I´LL SEE YOU SOON.

During this time you have been following my works with ICT. Our master’s degree is going to finish in the following days, however I will continue with the blog and also learning new things about ICT, for sure.

I have to confess that at the begining of this subject I was a little scared because I was not very fun about TICS, now I realize that I really enjoy working with techonologies and I have found them very interesting and engaging to use them in a classroom with children.

During this academic term, we have been working through different modules with different challenges with our teacher Mará Jesús García . I have to thank her all the constantly support given and the patience she had with us in the process of growing as ICT professional teachers. We’ll never find another cool teacher like you.

To gather all the artifacts I have created, I decided to create a video. Firstly, I created a slide show using Genially.

I used it because I think it is one of the most amazing tools to create presentations. Don´t think I´ve took the easiest road without trying to use another program because in order for me to edit the whole video I´d used Adobe Premiere, which is very complicated but it was nice to see how good outcomes appear after all the great work. I put some voice with Grabadora de sonidos, 

and then, you press "Iniciar grabación" and when you finish you can save the recordings in any format you want.

Once I have the slides of Genially and the recordings with Grabadora de sonido, I´m able to transform into a video with Abode Premiere.  Abode Premiere, as you can see, is fantastic programme which let you do almost anything you want to. 

Here you can see some photos of my final project´s process with Abode Premiere Pro:

 Here it is my final product, in which you can see my multimedia presentation in order to describe my journey throughout this course. I hope you enjoy it!

To conclude, I would like saying “thank you” to all my peers, my 
ict lovers, for your constantly support and big smiles all days. I feel like I don’t need to say goodbye, I just have this feeling like I’ll see all of you again soon. Awesome peers like you, rare to come by. It is impossible for me, to say goodbye as I said before. I hope that you will be lucky and you will be teachers very soon, for sure. 
In fact, all of you are going to be marvelous, incredible, amazing teachers!!

If you have any doubt as regards my final project, please, do not hesitate to contact me!

Thanks a bunch for reading, SEE YOU SOON!

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